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Brass Dinner Set of 7 pieces

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  • Colour:  Gold
  • Material:  Brass
  • Pattern:  Thali

Availability: 99 in stock


Availability: 99 in stock

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Product Description

Brass Dinner set

We have tried to add a common variation for ease but if you prefer your own variation ; we will work hard to bring that to you on order. Unmatched Quality, skilled craftsmanship and Prompt services for your needs.

  • This Brass dinner set Contains one Brass dinner thali/plate of 12 inches, 2 brass bowl, 1 brass dessert bowl, 1 brass glass, 1 brass fork and one spoon
  • Brass is an alloy of 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc (approx)
  • Copper alleviates the digestive issues and Zinc works for immunity
  • Brass and zinc are also responsible for good skin health
  • This is Royal and Classic dinner set which serves 1 person for a whole meal.

Exquisite Designs that will make you feel like royalty. We do not believe in just giving the best to your guests, enjoy the best of things yourself.
so, more than quantity we trust in quality, so that your investment can be used whenever and however you want, and not just kept tugged away in cupboards.

brass thali Brass Dinner Set of 7 piecesbrass bowl Brass Dinner Set of 7 piecesBrass Dinner Set close view Brass Dinner Set of 7 pieces


Pass on you love

We believe in Conserving and Passing on to our Children.
So what we give you will be of finest quality, that will be conserved for your loved ones as a mark of your love.

Brass is a alloy with Copper and Zinc.
Water stored in a brass vessel increases strength and immunity.

In addition, it also helps pacify pitta (burning sensations, aggression), increases haemoglobin count, and improves the general condition of your skin.

Why Eat in Brass?

Brass Makes your food Prasad / Prasadam.
It will give a satisfaction to you when you eat and cook in Copper based alloys (Brass and Bronze).

The Being Modern is calling the ancient method devised by Saints and Sages (who studied Creation) of using copper or brass or Bronze utensils for cooking barbaric. However, through the inventions of stainless steel and Aluminium utensils modernity have in fact pushed mankind towards destruction.

Everyone should understand that greater the attachment to Spirituality, happier human beings will be. In simple words we are what we live around and our body will be what and how we eat.

hand crafted brass utensils Brass Dinner Set of 7 pieces

Weight 3 kg

4 reviews for Brass Dinner Set of 7 pieces

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    The support is very very good, very helpfull. Tnx guys

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    Completely satisfied with the product quality

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